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Briskman & Binion PC law firm staff include: Donald Briskman, Mack Binion, Sarah Dorger, Josh Briskman, Charles Potts, Robert Clute, Pam Herrington, Monica Keith,
Alison Schemmer, Bernard Howard, Kimberly Whidden, Tracy Turner, Kelly Brooks and Delana Drummond.

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Firm members: Donald Briskman, Mack Binion, Charles Potts, Josh Briskman, Kim Whidden and Of Counsel, Sarah Dorger and Robert Clute

Years in business: 27

Brief company description:  The firm maintains a general law practice in Mobile and Baldwin counties and southwest Alabama, including the representation of businesses in litigated matters. “For 30 years, the firm has represented the Industrial Development Board of the City of Mobile and in such has actively interfaced with the Mobile Area Chamber’s economic development office to assist in the Chamber’s promotion, attraction and location of new industries to Mobile, which have resulted in the creation of thousands of jobs for our community,” said Potts.

Why are you located in Mobile?
“All firm members are deeply rooted in Mobile,” said Josh Briskman. “Four members were born and raised in Mobile, and the others have resided in Mobile for decades.”

Why do you support the Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce’s Partners for Growth (PFG) initiative?
“The firm believes strongly in the principle ‘A rising tide lifts all boats,’ and has observed that since its inception,” said Donald Briskman. “The PFG initiative continually contributes to the rise of Mobile’s tide.”

What do you see as Mobile’s greatest potential?
“Mobile’s potential can be measured by its many assets, including the natural, – i.e., geographical – transportation (water, rail, air and highway) – and more importantly the past and continuing cooperative efforts of the Chamber, the city of Mobile (mayor and council) and the Mobile County Commission,” said Binion. ”While these assets are critical, Mobile’s primary asset is the character of our citizens who are frequently described by new industries as ‘good, hardworking people.’ To continue to convert these assets into successes, we need to do all we can as a community to fund and improve our educational system, which is a primary factor new industries consider in deciding to locate or expand their operations in Mobile.”

Length of continuous Chamber membership: Since 1987

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